About Us - Brady Brothers


“Brother, how freaking cool would it be if we started a popcorn shop?” The words I shared with my brother, Mike, years ago that sparked our dream which has now come true.

The beginning of our love for popcorn came through special holiday traditions with our mom, Kristina. Whether it was popcorn balls at Halloween or the big mixed flavor tins at Christmas, every holiday our family celebrated with an extra special treat. One of our most favorite memories is of a time we tried to make caramel corn using the small caramel chews and microwave movie theater popcorn, the attempt was a tragic mess but was still so delicious. Our mother has since passed away after battling cancer for many years. Not long after she passed, we were reminiscing about the amusing things we all did together and talked about the caramel corn story. It was then that we decided to follow through with our dream of creating gourmet popcorn.

We are immensely grateful for all the support and wonderful care our mother received from the first responders as well as the medical staff. Keeping that in mind, we decided on an even bigger mission. A mission to directly help those who make and have made the selfless sacrifice to keep our communities and country safe. A portion of all proceeds goes back to helping those who serve and have served. For a list of charities we work with, check out our who we work with page. We want to share our appreciation for first responders, veterans & active military, medical professionals, and our fellow Americans for all that you do to take care of others. From our family at Patriot Popcorn Company to you and yours, thank you for all that you do!